Cosmic Trip

Spatial inspiration for this intergalactic setting where the infinite expertise of DINES throws the traveler into a universe where nothing seems impossible. 

Next stop, space! In response to its infinite ability to explore new materials, DINES is imagining a fantastic odyssey. The aim: a planet where the most audacious textures are part of the most sophisticated creations.

  • Photographer : Thomas Deron
Immediate embarkation aboard a shuttle made of white and gold tweed. 

The mystery of this wallpaper galaxy is intensified by black and transparent glass marbles that let the light shine through and emphasize the depth of field.

A mix of materials – resin, kaolin, reconstituted stone – and techniques – moulding, cracking, application of metallized glass marbles – for these decorative panels with a more than perfect cosmic rendering.

Besides being present in the DINES catalogue, all these materials can be found in the showroom.