History-filled materials

It is the love of materials and textures, as well as the admiration for crafts that drive DINES to put to music projects with a “haute couture” spirit. 

  • "Matière grise" rug : Dinès' creation
  • Photographers : Géraldine Bruneel et Thomas Deron
At the same time a showroom and a workshop, a cabinet of curiosities and an ideas lab, DINES gathers the most beautiful materials and their most extraordinary combinations in a single place. Located in Paris, in the 11th arrondissement, this chic caravanserai, founded by Olivier Dardilhac in 2008, is brimming with wonders. You will find precious wood marquetries, finely crazed kaolin, pure quartz glass but also red copper panels, mother-of-pearl inlay woodwork or simpler fibers: jute, wool, linen, cotton. Sometimes spun, sometimes woven, often mixed and intertwined… the range of offered materials, whether astonishing, explosive or classic, is infinite but always appropriate.  Sophisticated fabrics can be both admired and felt. Wall coverings cleverly put into perspective creative combinations of refined materials that create surprise and elegance.  In this spreading of suggestions, luxury rhymes with rarity and inspiration is wildly stimulated.